Christian Hearts Publishing offers inspirational, wholesome reading toward the attainment of personal and spiritual growth. It is our goal to encourage others to not only have faith and trust in the Lord, but to seek Him first in any of life's circumstances.


Capturing A Better Life, Book 1: Practical Wisdom for the Mind, Inspiration for the Heart, Enrichment for the Soul & Spirit is the first book published by Christian Hearts Publishing. It was written to meet people just where they are in life, offering them hope and optimism in what is often a hectic world around us.


One of our ultimate goals is to one day build and/or help staff orphanages where they are desperately needed. As an adoptee, the author has always cared about the plight of orphans around the world and has wanted to be able to make a positive difference in their lives.



For I assisted the poor in their need

and the orphans who required help.


Job 29:12 NLT